The last two weeks, I’ve gone from the flu to pneumonia. I’m on day twelve of being more or less bedridden. I can’t begin to express how awful I feel. But looming even worse over my physical condition is the realization that I’ve had to do this all alone. I’ve spent a fair amount of […]

Facebook, torturous mistress of despair

I can’t fathom why I put what’s about to follow on the internet, for any random stranger to read. I guess I’m like the sad and desperate customers I get at my jobs who latch on to any conversation with me they can have because the clerk at the liquor store is literally the only […]

On A Lighter Note…

Fortunately, I’ve managed to come up with a couple activities for myself. To engage, or whatever. I’m at a point where I’m starting to care about very little, getting sort of numb about most things, realizing everything disappoints me so why try… It’s a bad place to be, but it also sort of… hurts less. […]

As It Stands…

My birthday is in a week. I’ll be 26. I’ve got nothing to look forward to, though. The only thing I could possibly want anyone to give me is money to help me pay off my student loans and/or my credit card debt. I’ll be forcefully removed from my mother’s insurance benefits and left shivering […]

Skanky chicken breast, indeed.

“I can’t believe we’ve got to a point where it’s basically costing us money to have a vagina. They’re making us pay for maintenance and upkeep of our lulus, like they’re a communal garden. It’s a stealth tax. Muff excised. This is money we should be spending on THE ELECTRICITY BILL and CHEESE and BERETS. Instead, […]

May Day

Then they were in an elevator bound skyward. “What floor, please?” said the elevator man. “Any floor,” said Mr. In. “Top floor,” said Mr. Out. “This is the top floor,” said the elevator man. “Have another floor put on,” said Mr. Out. “Higher,” said Mr. In. “Heaven,” said Mr. Out. – F. Scott Fitzgerald, May Day