Saving Up Parachute Strings, Version 2.0

**I feel like stanzas four and five still need a lot of work, and that they’re not quite crafted to the expectations of what I’m trying to achieve with this poem. I’m obsessing over this piece, though, so it’ll get fixed. In the meantime, feel free to edit/nitpick/comment/query where you see fit. All criticism is […]

Saving Up Parachute Strings

Once upon the loves of the past, I had a fighting spirit. My naive self with its young will held on for us, always; I was raised to choose my battles, but instead I fought every single one. I thought I knew that never letting go meant true love. Now, I sit all alone on […]

Grow in Parts

I. Sometimes I think we could break with the beauty that’s in the observation of a single moment in our own skins. But the elasticity of boundless understanding will keep us together. II. Lips whisper “look at me,” as cigar smoke cascades out my mouth to whirl in the wind. Malbec, a cheap resplendence is […]

Restructured Love

I recently came across the concept of the theatrics of sex, brought on as a whispering sentence in a prose piece of a new friend. She seems so much like me, this mirror image of a girl, with feelings and words and careers like mine. I do not know yet. So I study this concept. […]


I contemplated the rooms of my heart, pushing air around in the emptiness of inexperience; prodding at the fullness like a child to a dead thing on the river’s shores. I wait for the alarm chimes to break through the heavy morning, that American call to prayer. Less elegant than out in the black sands, […]