The Playa Provides

We were in an abnormal desert, a playa that was a dried out ancient sea bed, the dust of which had enough alkali content to strip the skin off your hands and feet after a few weeks, to rust out your car engine, to lodge clusters of snot and dirt the size of whole fingernails […]

Relativity Theory

The needle is gracing the thin tick mark between 180 kilometers and 200. Green clusters of trees rocket away from us as the road sails smoothly under us. The sun flickers through breaks in the trees, a strobe light to usher in the fairy tale night, mimicking the quick, flashing party romance, the chaotic first […]

Almost Asleep

Something brought me back a random shuffle or a twitching muscle I realized I couldn’t remember the things I’d been thinking about even though I knew they’d been there There was a filled hollow space in my memory; I was almost there. That one taste was in my puffed mouth that taste that doesn’t taste […]


To think that there’s this place where thin boys breathe a kind of poetry in the recesses of my online history – language in lozenges soothing and cooing, a pick-me-up (and I know, it needs some work) to ever be that good, I’d eat the whole English language. To think that there’s this sound like […]