In Celebration –

Alas, I have had three beers to drink, and have forestalled important homework in the name of 9gag. In this seemingly less rare occasion of drinking by myself, I have something to celebrate tonight. My happiness cannot be contained by homework, of all things.

I turned in nine poems to Gangsters in Concrete, an annual literary publication at Emerson, student run and student reviewed. I am on this review panel, and while it is hard to sit idly by and watch your poems get deconstructed (in the most constructive way possible, thanks to the genius of the student body of Emerson), I am fortunate in that I did not leave that room without getting at least two poems published – not only published, but an UNANIMOUS acceptance. I have yet to receive the suggested revision notes in an email (these things do take time) but I must announce that two of my poems have been accepted into the next publication. OH Happy day! They will be posted as soon as I have the more up-to-date versions, post editorial notes. But their titles are “Traffic Jam” and “Rain Circles”. Look for them in the future.

This is a parade that cannot be rained upon. What a glorious admission of recognition.

My latest fiction masterpiece is on the cutting board of the workshop of my fiction class peers here soon, and I am much more excited about this second story than the first.

A specific poetry editor and I, along with someone who’s insight I value tremendously (due to both his excessive talent and skill with words as well as his invaluable opinion of punctuation 😉 ) might potentially start up a poetry workshop club, there was mention of a book club amongst some theatre lovelies, and I had a promising interview at a coffee shop today.

Things might be coming up Nicole.

More to come, as I have a splendid new idea from what I hope will be a friend in the near future.

In other, even better, news – My piece, “46 Seconds“, was part of a collective in the catharsis that had the most hits out of any monthly theme to date, and my piece in specific had the top hits of all the pieces collected. To those silent readers out there, I thank you. I thank you immensely. Look for the December theme, coming up soon! I won’t spoil the surprise, so you’ll just have to see what it is.


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